Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Well here goes again, We spent the winter at Sabinal TX. We were at the Hondo Cook-off in Feb. as onlookers. We headed home the end of March.
This summer has been very busy starting with the Pig-Nik on Memorial Day where we got snowed on. Then on to Fort Sisseton SD for their Cook-off where we got a full-house, 2 Deuces and 3 Treys.We met some great people and had a great time in a nice area.
We hurried home and cooked for a wedding the next weekend, then on to Stevensville for their Cook- off the tail end of June. We did alright there as we won the wagon and overall with a couple of 1st and 2nds with a 3rd and 4th thrown in. Again we had a great time with some wonderful people in a nice area. The next stop was Mule Mania in Dayton WA. for their 2nd year where we won the wagon, it is a fun cook=off with old friends. Then it was a mad dash to CFD in WY where we got skunked, but had a fun time with old and new friends. Then on to Helena Mt for there 1st cook-off  the middle of August where we won the wagon and overall again, great time with old friends. Next stop was Othello WA for there 1st cook-off the middle of Sept, there wasn't a comp. but we had a great time with old and new friends. Then to Bighorn WY the end of the month for their 130th BD, we were the only wagon there but what a time we had, they are going to try and get a cook-off going the Sat. of Labor Day Weekend.
Other than that it was a pretty slow summer.
We are going to spend the Holidays up North this year, probably head south around the 1st of the year.

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