Saturday, February 26, 2011

Well yesterday 2/25 started out kinda exciting, while setting at the table I looked out the window which face's west where Hyw 83 run's about 100 yd's away from where we are parked on this gate halfway between Laredo and Carrizo Springs TX. And low and behold what do I spy but 2 illeagles trying to flag down a ride, course I didn't have any phone #s to report them yet so I called Teresa our Daughter who works for the BP in Eagle Pass and told her, she then reported to her station who called the Laredo station and they finally arrived and loaded them up. Then I went up the road about 13 miles to mail some letters and on the way back the dear wife called and said there were 2 more over there, so I hurried home an sure enough they were there, so I went on down the road about 9 miles to a BP check station and turned them in and got a couple of phone #s. Any way I got back and the BP came and loaded them up. The rest of the day was pretty dull.
Been really warm here, lows high 60's and high's up to the mid 90's

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